What type of fragrance is best for my product?

During the last 28 years, MONAS LABS has customized thousands of fragrances for clients all over the world.  And, in all kinds of products … oil, lotion, cream, butter, shampoo, body wash, facial cleanser, etc.

At MONAS LABS, we prefer to utilize essential oils or 100% plant-based formulas to fragrance our products.  However, there are times that our clients want a particular fragrance that can’t be achieved just with the use of these raw materials.

That’s when the fragrance choice has to include synthetics.  Fragrance oils are a mixture composed of essential oils, plant extracts, synthetic aroma chemicals, and aromatic resins. In order to achieve the scent that a perfumist is trying to achieve, there are more than 3000 different fragrance ingredients that he or she may use (natural and synthetic).

It is true that some synthetic fragrances include toxic raw materials but MONAS eschews those and makes its fragrances as clean as possible.  For example, a high percentage of synthetic fragrances have  Phthalates and/or Formaldehyde and we will never utilize them.

Essential oils have been our mainstays either as single notes or more often, custom blends.  Our cosmetic chemist is very talented at combing essential oils to give our client’s own unique fragrance.  With more than 50 essential oils in our portfolio, the combinations are practically endless in all varieties of fragrance profiles … floral, herbal, tropical, woodsy.

Essential Oils can be tricky.  They can change the pH and viscosity of the product and some are not recommended for products used in the sun.  There are some sensitivity issues that can occur as well.

We are extremely excited about a new product that, I predict, will become a mainstay of our fragrance projects.  We now are stocking 30 plus unique 100% Plant-Based Fragrances that are 100% natural! They are great for the environment, friendly to your skin and hair, and smell fantastic.  In the hands of our chemist, we have thousands of blends we can do in addition to all the great single-note fragrances we have.

Schedule a consultation with us and we will supply our portfolio of Fragrance, Essential Oils, and Plant-Based fragrances so you can explore the breadth of what MONAS LABS can offer.

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Here at Monas Labs, our mission is to manufacture safe, cosmetically advanced skincare products with only the highest quality ingredients here at our world-class facility.

Our vision is to one day see the world rid of dangerous and toxic skincare chemicals. We envision a sustainable future, harmonious with nature, all while providing the top-tier products that you love and deserve.

Our promise is to always create the best skincare products that we can, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with our professional team,  all while keeping your bottom line in mind with cost-effective and innovative solutions.


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