At Monas Labs, we are passionate about creating healthy products that are highly effective and super nutritious for your skin. We combine the gentle resources of mother nature and science to produce viable formulas for almost any skincare need. From cleansers to serums, sunscreens and more. We can create a truly magnificent product for you.


Our sunscreens range from SPF 8 to SPF 30, we mostly work with natural minerals like Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide. However, we have also worked with other sunscreen materials. Our most common SPF is made in a creamy lotion-like formula. We have other formulas available, clear sprays and sticks.

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Our bath and body formulas include body washes, shampoos, conditioners, hair detanglers and more. We work mostly with natural formulas and gentle fragrances to create one of kind products that your customers are sure to love.

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Our facial products include washes, lotions, mud masks, toners and more. We have teamed up with some of the world’s best dermatologist to produce potent and highly effective skincare made exquisitely for the face, neck and decolletage.

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Our serums are the ultimate anti-aging treat. We use antioxidants and nutrients proven to slow the aging process and promote collagen. We work with mostly natural and organic ingredients but can also work with other materials if necessary.

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Upon request, we will create a formula using mostly organic material. This can take a little more time to develop and can also be more costly, but it is absolutely doable. We have unique ways of preserving the product, so it is done naturally and without chemicals. We also work with natural fragrances should you choose to do so.

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Our butters are simply the best. We have created the best in class body butters and there is no question that you won’t love these formulas. Made with pure shea butter and other super nutrients, you’ll notice right away, the difference with our body butters.

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Our oil formulas are free of minerals and silicones, unless you request otherwise. We use pure extracts, along with nutritive oil bases to create superior oil formulas. Our gentle manufacturing processes won’t damage the raw materials and you’ll end up with a far more potent product at Monas Labs.

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Our scrubs mostly comprise of pure shea butter and your choice of exfoliant. Turbinado sugar, sea salt, adzuki beans, and orange peel are most popular. But our imagination does not stop there, we can formulate almost anything you can come up with.

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