Sore Muscles

We’ve all been there.

A tough work out.  A sore neck or back (or both!) after sleeping in an awkward position.  Legs that ache after walking all day at a theme park.

Sore muscles adversely affect everybody at one point or the other.    In my youth, it was usually the result of an athletic event; football, wrestling, running, weight lifting, water skiing, etc.  Unfortunately, my sore muscles now are more frequently the result of … well, getting older.

Those of you in your 20’s, 30’s and even 40’s probably found that hard to believe but just wait until the 50’s and especially the 60’s and beyond sneak up on you.  At 63, to me, it is just a way of life.

There are things you can do to ease the pain.

At MONAS Labs, we have been studying and creating natural-based formulas for muscle aches and pains for nearly 30 years.  There are a variety of products that can bring relief in a variety of ways.

Arnica Oil:  From the flower, Arnica has several benefits including relief of sore muscles, help with bruising, and as a skin conditioner.  MONAS has the formulas for gels, creams, and lotions utilizing Arnica Oil.

Counterirritants: These create a burning or cooling sensation that distracts your mind from the pain.  Among other counterirritants, MONAS uses Menthol, Wintergreen Oil, and camphor in a variety of blends.

Salicylates: Found naturally in many plant sources including Myrtle and Willow, these are in the same ingredient family that gives aspirin its pain-relieving power.  Research shows that when absorbed through the skin in a cream or lotion, they may help with the pain.  They are particularly effective in joints close to the skin such as fingers, knees, and elbows, but are also used to relieve sore muscles.

Capsaicin: The main ingredient of hot chili peppers, capsaicin is also one of the most effective ingredients for topical pain relief. It can be helpful for joint pain and for diabetic nerve pain as well as sore muscles. When first applied, capsaicin creams cause a warm tingling or burning sensation.  MONAS has several formulas with this natural pain reliever.

CBD Oil:  Four of the most popular pain-relieving products from MONAS labs are our creams, lotions, butters, and gels featuring various strengths of CBD. There have been numerous studies about the efficacy of CBD and highly touted is its pain relief ability as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Sore, tired, aching muscles are a fact of life, but relief can be just an application away.

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