Private Label or Private Branding?


You have decided to promote your brand by offering formulas with your decoration.

Or, maybe you have a great idea that could revolutionize skincare!  A special ingredient or a product that answers the needs for a problem (with hair or skin).

Maybe you already have distribution set up either through your own brick and mortar store, online or with distributors and reps.  And, you want to build something that is yours; something that could build value and be a great asset.

Now, where do you begin?

Typically, to get started, you would either choose a Private Label or Private Brand (MONAS terminology) option.

Private label can be easy and inexpensive.  This is where you could choose formulas offered by a PL Manufacturer, choose one of their stock bottles, add a stock cap, a stock fragrance, and put your logo on the container.

This is the easiest and less expensive way to start a product.  Often the minimums are low (albeit the per-unit price point is very high).

At MONAS labs we can offer that, but our specialty is Private Branding.  Our sales staff, production team, and R&D chemists can make a product that is exclusive to you.  We also have in-house design for decoration, collateral materials, and even web sites.

This can be tweaking one or more of our 250 formulas with added nutrients or actives or changing fragrances and/or bottling.  Of course, it can also be from the “ground up” formulation work as well.  We often have clients that have been able to successfully produce micro-batches in the kitchen sink but don’t know how to scale it.

The final product is unique and marketing options are numerous.

Contact MONAS Director of Sales, Todd Anderson, for more information.

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